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  • It is said, ‘Education ends but with the grave’. No matter who you are, what your age, you are always learning something or the other, every day. If what you're learning is academic subjects, The Global Scholar Workshop by Dr Jiji Vijayan can deliver you amazing results!
  • A memory-mapping and programming training program designed by state-of-the-art learning methodologies, the workshop aims at applying a brain language that activates the hidden capabilities and strengths of your sub-conscious mind. It then works further to bring about truly powerful learning techniques. The result?
  • The program aims at activating the hidden capabilities and enormous potential that exists within every child and how one can tap into this potential for extraordinary achievement. This workshop uncovers a scientific system for achieving any goal and enhances learning through powerful learning techniques

Participants will achieve

Super learning methods

Speed reading and photo reading

Exam techniques

Memory techniques

Goal setting based on talents and passion

Smart study habits

Visualization, affirmation

Meditation methods

Time management

Interpersonal skills

School and College level scholarship opportunities

Career guidance

Blue printing for success

Brain power enhancement methods

Personal development

Success secrets

Creating your vision board

Multiple intelligence

And much more...

The course helps you break out from your restricting habits and opens new memory-enhancing avenues, stress-release methodologies, imparts self-confidence and controls exam anxiety. It is an inner transformation that takes place to shorten your learning curve - which makes a big difference to your quality of life.

The Global Scholar Workshop is designed on state-of-the-art learning methodologies and utilizes a brain language that activates the hidden capabilities and strengths of your sub-conscious mind. It will help children to access opportunities from across the globe for their success in life.

Benefits Arising Out of the Global Scholar Training Program

Smart goal setting

Multiple intelligence

Accelerated learning

Improving memory

Keys to learning

Multisensory study skills

Smart study habits

Effective study skills

Better sleep

Brain power

Success qualities

Success secret

Career Planning

Better personality



Vision board

Physiology of excellence

And much more

Helps identifying possible careers to obtaining personal and psychological counseling.

Supports in success by keeping on track academically.

Helps address non-academic issues

Finds ways around the roadblocks that impede the student’s success

Smart Goal Setting

Acknowledgement of responsibilities

Achievement motivation

Better decision‐making Capacity

Unleashing talents and skills

Identifies learning styles

Intelligence vs skills classification

Career planning

Personal Development

Accelerates learning techniques

Promotes key idea grasping

Faster comprehension

Learn chunking, quick scanning

Memory improvement techniques

Mind Reprogram for success

Use of mnemonic devices

Memory boosting strategies

Memory boosting nutrition and supplements

Multiple intelligence analysis

Creating focused attention for success

Learning through psychology

Learning through reinforcement

Learning through review

Multi‐sensory study skills

Physical sensory learning strategy

Visual sensory learning strategy

Master the success secrets

Questioning‐based learning strategy

9 effective study skills

Intensified listening

Achievement motivation

Single‐minded concentration

Conceptual mind mapping

Daily success actions

Personal qualities for success

Developing the success mindset

Relationships management

Winning people over

Efficiency mindset

Positive mind transformation

The 5 S technique etc.

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